Warranties, Repairs & Problems


Fender Music Australia offers limited product warranties of varying length for goods purchased from Australian Authorised Jackson Dealers. The conditions of the limited warranty are set out on the warranty cards provided with the product at the time of sale.
Fender Music Australia’s limited warranty covers manufacturing defects and does not cover normal maintenance or wear and tear.
For full information on the 1 and 5 year limited warranties, please consult your warranty cards or follow the links at the top of this page.
Warranty Coverage may be updated from time to time. Consumers should check with the Authorised Jackson Dealers, the Terms and Conditions applicable for the relevant Fender Music Australia limited warranty at the time of the purchase.



1. Contact the store where you purchased the goods.
If you feel that you have a problem that may be covered by warranty, you should first contact the store where you purchased the goods and advise them of your problem.
We recommend that you take your guitar, bass or amp into that store and show or demonstrate the problem and listen to the advice that the store has to offer.
Many issues may be rectified in the store. Often a set-up (for guitars and basses), or wear and tear is the cause of the problem, and maintenance may rectify it.
2. Fender Music Australia’s Authorised Service Centres
If the store feels that the problem requires further action they will organise a set-up or repair with an independent  Authorised Jackson Service Centre.
They will require a copy of your original purchase receipt, which should have your name and serial number of the item that you purchased as well as the date of purchase. Fender Music Australia’s warranties are only available to the original retail purchaser.
At this stage you should expect to pay for the cost of transportation of your item to the Authorised Service Centre.
The Dealer, and/or the  Authorised Jackson Service Centre will contact you after they have assessed the problem. They will let you know if the repair is to be covered by Fender Music Australia’s limited warranty.
If the set-up or repair is a maintenance issue they will advise you the costs associated with the repair. It is your responsibility to meet these costs.
In some cases your  Authorised Jackson Dealer is also an Authorised Jackson Service Centre, and in most cases your Authorised Jackson Dealers are authorised to perform set-ups, repairs and minor neck adjustments on guitars and basses in the store, as well as checking your valves, speakers and input jacks on amplifiers in the store.
3. Your Jackson Dealer is responsible for organising your repair.
Contact your Authorised Jackson Dealer to get an update on the progress of your repair.
4. Parts/Repairs
As soon as your amp or guitar is assessed, the Authorised Jackson Service Centre or Dealer will request any parts that they require from Fender Music Australia.
Fender Music Australia will send out the requested parts as soon as possible after this request is made, subject to availability.




1. Setup and guitar maintenance
Initial standard set-up and adjustments are considered normal dealer preparation prior to sale and is not part of the Fender Music Australia limited product warranty.
Fender Music Australia recommends that your instrument be re set-up each time that you change gauge or brand of strings.

Your Authorised Jackson Dealer can either perform a set-up or organise a set-up with an Authorised Jackson Service Centre.
Each year you should have your wiring checked and output jack cleaned as a part of your normal maintenance programme.

Fender recommends the wiping down of your guitar or bass each time you play to remove any moisture or residue from your guitar.

Regularly polishing with Fender guitar polish will help maintain your instruments finish.
2. Your Responsibilities.
The Fender Music Australia Limited warranty does not cover the cost of transportation, nor insurance for your goods.

Fender Music Australia does not cover damage or loss to your instrument in the event that you have not insured your property.

Please keep all receipt, serial number and other purchase information in case of, warranty claim, theft, loss or resale.
3. Where can I buy Fender Music Australia’s products?
Jackson guitars, parts and accessories are available exclusively through a network of Authorised Jackson Dealers. As a wholesaler, Fender Music Australia does not sell directly to consumers.

Consult the Authorised Jackson Dealer Finder to find your local dealer.
5. Where can I get my guitar, bass or amp serviced?
Jackson product service is available through our national network of Authorised Jackson Service Centres.

Consult the Authorised Jackson Service Centre Finder to find your local Service Centre.